Company Overview

Now more than ever, market knowledge and hands-on experience are paramount. Industry turmoil is creating unparalleled opportunities for savvy investors who have a solid "bricks and mortar" team ready to capitalize on them. The Hileman Company LLC team is led by three leading industry professionals, each with more than 25 years experience in real estate development, property management, and construction. We are helping investors and lenders see opportunities where others only see distress.

Founded in 1998, The Hileman Company LLC is a full service real estate company providing third party advisory services, property and asset management services, and development. Over the past decade, we have developed over $500 million of projects for both our own account and on behalf of our clients. We created award winning projects with a roster of prestigious clients and financial partners including Broadreach Capital Partners, Pacific Coast Capital Partners, Thackeray Partners Realty Fund, Kearny Real Estate Company/Morgan Stanley, William E. Simon & Sons/Paladin Realty Partners, Wells Fargo Bank, and Merrill Lynch Capital. We built new homes for companies as diverse as CNN, The Geffen Playhouse, DreamWorks Records, The David Geffen Company, IndyMac Bank, Aetna, Tetra Tech, CoOp Financial Services, and others. 

Today we are putting our expertise to work by assisting investors, financial institutions and lenders who have assets in need of professional guidance. We are sourcing new investment opportunities for our joint venture partnerships. With a sterling reputation in the industry, The Hileman Company LLC is providing the vision and management expertise for existing real estate assets and formulating and executing investment strategies to capitalize on opportunistic ventures with both existing and new investment partners.